He said

“What would I do if I had teleportation powers for an hour?”

The older man gave him a small nod, wrinkled hands carefully folded atop the glass counter. “Yes. What would you do if you had teleportation powers for one hour.”

The younger man looked down, staring through the glass at the gleaming gold rings and Rolex imitations that had been neatly arranged on velvet pads. He knew what his girlfriend would say: “Take a vacation!” He knew what his best friend would say: “Rob one of those big-ass safes in a bank. Maybe a Swiss bank or something.”

Of course, he pondered about the limitations. Could he only teleport to a previously-visited place? Did he have to know exactly what that place looked like, or risk getting ripped to pieces by a time-space vortex? Would momentum be a part of the teleportation risks? Or was the power limitless, and as long as he could imagine, he could go?

“I guess I’d go to space for a bit. Properly equipped, of course,” the younger man answered, still looking at the jewelry in the glass case. “Could I take someone?”

The older man shrugged. “Sure.”

“Maybe take my girlfriend with me. Propose by the moon. She’d probably rather go on vacation, like teleport to an island and then worry about a one-way ticket back.”

The older man nodded. “Seems sensible.”

The younger man lowered his head to stare closer at a particular ring. “Yeah, probably space. Maybe I wouldn’t even come back. Unless I was proposing in space. My girlfriend doesn’t like space.”

“Then perhaps a space proposal would not be best.”

“Probably.” He pointed at a ring. “Is it a real diamond?”

It was not. “Yes.”

“I’ll take it.” The younger man reached for the wallet in his back pocket, the movement slow. “Yeah, I’d probably teleport to space. And maybe never come back.”


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