• I promised myself I would write today after playing eight hours of Final Fantasy XII.
  • Those eight hours reminded me why it took me eight years to start playing again.
  • The game is basically 2006-high-def-torture.
  • I read through some of my college assignments and I was pretty great at bullshitting my way through every argument.
  • How on earth did I manage to do well in school?
  • I know I studied hard but when I think about it, my work ethic could absolutely do with some improvement.
  • See: playing a video game for eight hours.
  • It rained tonight and the air smells so fresh.
  • I truly wish the weather would finally, finally get warmer.
  • It isn’t.
  • My boyfriend has spent about eight hours trying to catch up on Game of Thrones.
  • He is on the last episode of Season 3
  • “Well… that was unnecessary,” he says about a certain death at a certain wedding.
  • Isn’t it all unnecessary?
  • I’m trying to read more but, again, my time has been absolutely and utterly wasted playing this stupid video game.
  • This has been a far more person list and post than I intended.

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