Person X Day

Kim did not know Person X personally–actually, no one really did. Person X existed long before their time, did something extremely heroic, and now a day existed in their honor. She was sure that whatever they did–it was written in one of her textbooks, she was sure, or maybe she could look it up on the NetXGear–was truly an amazing feat. It had to be, since they had a whole day dedicated to them.

Person X was actually one of her ancestors. She didn’t like telling anyone. It would be so embarrassing to admit that she didn’t even know what Person X had achieved so bravely and in the same sentence let someone know she was actually related. What a terrible family member. But it wasn’t her fault. Her mother didn’t like talking about it. Her mom was convinced Person X wasn’t actually that great at all and whenever Kim asked about it she would purse her lips and refuse to speak about the topic any further. Come to think of it, Kim should have looked Person X up on the NetXGear ages ago, but her mom’s refusal to spill the beans always kept her fingers from typing away at the name.

Mom must have a good reason, Kim supposed.

Kim wondered what she would have to do to get a day named after her, and if her descendants would hate her just as much.


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